How Best Can We Make An Impact With Donor Money?

November 3, 2016 | Marketing Services | By Adalberto Hurtado | 0 Comments
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Our matches are supported by well-wishers, supporters, corporates and fans. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be playing and frankly, football might not be where it is now. Since we do owe a part of our success to their kind gestures, shouldn’t we rightfully give back to them in the best way we can?

One way and possibly one of the most environmentally-friendly ways as opposed to distributing leaflets, is to have an scoreboard software up instead of an age old digital scoreboard and having their messages, logos, wishes or special offers on site displayed up there.

The size of footy scoreboard for sale and technical abilities of the scoreboard software football makes it easier to display more than just the score of the on-going match. It offers the opportunity to display details from previous matches, historical wins in the stadium, entertainment during halftime or even reruns or replays, just as you would get on television!

So what does this mean for a donor or partner coming on board to support your team or this match you are playing?

As a brand or company that has agreed to financially or otherwise support the team or the match, it goes beyond just this match. They would obviously want visibility for their brand but they want to go beyond the regular pamphlet distribution and logos on the team jerseys to something beyond and something bigger than that. These scoreboards provide just the opportunity for it. It offers these partners and/or donors the chance to display information on their brand and subtle messaging that would help in the sales or the impact it would have on their brand. It’s important that as a team manager or tournament co-ordinator that you do realise that while the spirit of the sport becomes important, for the sales teams of these donors, it comes down to the numbers. The numbers impacted through the partnership or sponsorship, the number in increased sales and the potential clients or customers that would come on board as a result of having information of the sponsor displayed on the scoreboard.

While most would disagree on the danger of such influence on the spirit of the match, it’s important to realise that in order to keep such matches been played and for teams to be supported, that sponsorships and partnerships are important. In the long run, it’s also even important for national teams to come into terms with such partnerships and sponsorships, even if it means that they are representing a country. And as a team, it’s only right that they respect these relationships and also give them something in return for what they receive.