Common Mistakes To Avoid With Bulk SMS Marketing

October 27, 2016 | Marketing Services | By Adalberto Hurtado | 0 Comments
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People who love using bulk SMS marketing often commit a number of mistakes with this exercise, which should never be the case. For example, it is common to find people omitting a call to action. Marketing is incomplete without asking customers to act. Any marketing campaign should be made complete with a call to action, which the customers would have no problem responding to. You will not find a more important part of the text message than the call for action, and the omission of such a crucial aspect of the marketing campaign is inexcusable. Go through the text message to ensure that it has a call to action.

The marketing department must focus on the content as well. Content of poor quality will not do the text message any favors. Customers will read the text message and if they notice any grammatical or spelling errors, they will not view the company kindly. Before pressing the send button, go through the text to check for any grammatical or spelling error. More importantly, check that the details are accurate. The marketing is to convince customers to buy or transact with you, but this will not happen when talking about inaccurate information. Ask the experts in SMS API for the best software that will help identify such errors before sending texts.

Customers will only respond to any call for action when they see one or two incentives. Be generous and offer customers a few incentives to convince them that they will enjoy doing business with you. Include a few discounts or a number of promotional activities. Reward the customers for doing business with you. Customers will keep coming back to your company when they feel that you have something for them. Find ways of including these promotional offers or discounts when sending such texts to the customers. To achieve this, you might have to ask the company providing you with SMS marketing for assistance.

Try to send the bulk text messages in a timely manner. Consider the needs of the customers. Do not send too many text messages frequently before giving customers the chance to respond to the previous messages. Give them enough time to respond or get in touch with you. On the other hand, do not send too few messages to an extent that customers forget about you. Find the right way of sending such messages that ensures customers never forget about you, and you do not inconvenience them with thousands of messages. Such simple mistakes could convince the customer to look elsewhere for solutions and the products they need and forget about you. Finally, find a way of acting upon your findings. Monitor the performance of the bulk text message marketing campaign to find out whether it is producing the desired results or not. Set aside some time to evaluate the effectiveness of this marketing campaign. If it is not producing the desired results, institute a few changes, where applicable. With proper planning, bulk text message can be a very powerful marketing tool.