Different Ways To Promote Your Catering Business

May 30, 2016 | Marketing Services | By Adalberto Hurtado | 0 Comments
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When you are planning to launch a new cuisine outlet or a café, how do you go about marketing it? Promoting the place, the menu and what you would be offering would make a difference in how many people start to visit your outlet from day one. It depends on the location of your business, the kind of people you are targeting and the menu items or cuisine you would be offering. Make a mix of traditional and innovative approaches to suit your promotional budget.
Start locally
It is important to start small and locally. Most eatery businesses start small. It is important to advertise locally to begin with. To get flyers to be distributed locally as well as get your ads published in the popular local newspapers. These might be old promotional techniques, but they are still effective. Before you order in 6 page menus for print ensure that you get the flyers designed and circulated in the right places like neighborhood malls and offices near to your eatery’s address.
Different printed solutions
With a comprehensive printer supplier by your side you can get started. For instance, a commercial printer will be able to get you 6 page menus as well as flyers, posters and brochures designed as required. When you place bulk orders for all prints that you require, you will be paying less as compared to ad hoc printing requests from time to time. It is best that you plan out your promotional campaign well so that all prints can be done in one go. Get to know a company that provides printing services for all your business needs right here. 
Use online media
Besides using printing solutions which are the traditional approach you could also opt for online ads. These are fast, cheap and effective as well as eco friendly. Get yourself sponsored on main eatery directories that are popular in your region. Get yourself advertised on popular apps as well as these are used by people more and more. These are simple yet effective ways to create awareness through the online medium. You could also start off with your online site which will give credibility to your business.
Get social
Once you have created an initial awareness it is time to tap into the social circles. Start by advertising on popular social media sites so that the right people in your region as well as those who have similar tastes would see your eatery ad and be intrigued to try it out. By launching your own social media pages you can get followers who will get notifications of new posts that you put up about new offers, new menu items and so forth. This is an ongoing and effective way to keep up the interest among your regular visitors.